Bad Apple (single)

by Scott Matthews

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Bad Apple is the second single taken from 'What The Night Delivers' and features the legendary bass player Danny Thompson. Also featured is an acoustic version of 'Obsession Never Sleeps'.


released September 29, 2011



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Track Name: Bad Apple (radio edit)
Bad apple, rotten and dried
You can taste the demise in the bite
No friends, you barely begun
The worm and his army’s arrived

You wished the branch that grew strong
Would’ve helped you along in the queue
Instead you’re left on your own
Wasted and tasteless are you

Stagnate with infested regret
No longer a taste to pursue
I fell some time ago
I wasn’t ready to roll and be bruised

My core’s been under attack
And the thing that I lacked was a shield
No fight and unable to cry
Cause my juices had dried in the field

Oh well…

I land my feet in the dirt
So is this the moment for me?
To take root and cast a shade in the sun
And rise like a big apple tree

Oh well maybe it’s meant to be
Buried amongst dead leaves
Biding my time ‘til the dirt takes hold of me
It was hell but now there’s a tale to tell
The sun sent a card to get well
The bad apple’s broken the spell

Bad apple rotten and dried
That’s what they used to call me
Track Name: Obsession Never Sleeps (Acoustic Version)
Driving anywhere, just anywhere to get there
Asleep at the wheel with one eye wide awake

The moon’s well into its dream
As I ride inside a fuelled blood stream
Anywhere at anytime it thrives on
Filling my empty side

Unable to rest
Unwilling to stay behind
Insisting you take it everywhere
Like a cancerous cry

I adore you. It’s you that I idolize
I’ll live and die for you
As we strive for the morning’s high

Obsession never sleeps
You wake with it caressing your cheek
Just how can you ignore
The one thing you would die for?

You’re my enemy, my saviour
And my ever ruling dictator
That summons my thoughts towards
My infatuation

But a fatal fate awaits the greedy hand
Who’s bullied alone night and day
By their own demands

I adore you. It’s you that I idolize
I’ll live and die for you
And kill for the evening’s high
But it will never be the happiness you once had